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Review # 1
Name:Terry and jennifer
Review:Jennifer enjoyed her lesson on Saturday. The location was ideal. She felt safe ,under no pressure and the instructor Mike was very professional and patient. We were half an hour late due to traffic congestion and was still given the full 90min.Jennifer would definitely like to repeat her experience .!!Thank you
Review # 2
Name:Joe Medlicott
Review:I recently took part on the driving at 15 experience, and as a 16 (nearly 17 year old) who is going to start to driving ASAP the lesson was a great experience and gave me a good in sight to the vital aspects that I will need to know once on the road. Simon was an extremely good instructor and very professional who kept me calm throughout the entire lesson despite being my first time behind the wheel.
It was a great experience and a thoroughly enjoyable lesson, worth every penny!
Review # 3
Name:Emma Roberts
Review:I really enjoyed the hour long driving lesson that I had. Mike was really friendly and was really reassuring and patient when I went wrong. It was a really great experience to finally get behind the wheel a year early and it made a brilliant suprise birthday present. Thank you for a brilliant morning :)
Review # 4
Name:Freya Petty
Review:Freya had some driving lessons on a track and really enjoyed it. The instructors were very nice, patient and extremely helpful, so she learned a lot within a short space of time.
The location was great as it allowed her to make mistakes and learn from them and feel under no pressure. It was a very worthwhile and fun experience that has also helped to boost her confidence for when she begins driving on the road in a couple of months.
Thank you!
Review # 5
Review:This was such a brilliant experience! My parents bought me a one hour lesson for my 16th Birthday as a taster for next year, and I now I cannot wait to start driving!
I was a little nervous to begin with but Mike was very calm and took it slow, adding one step at a time so I felt totally in controll. By the end of the lesson I could change gears without even being told I needed too! The step by step approach was easy to pick up and didn't overwhelm.
It was only a taster as so I didn't start using mirrors but I've got time before i'm loose on the roads!
Many thanks to Mike, I would highly reccomend the experience.
Review # 6
Name:Charlie Jobson
Review:Thank you so much for a brilliant first lesson, throughly enjoyed it and can't believe I've already made my way up to 3rd gear! I will definately be booking more!
Review # 7
Name:Lauren Hilborne
Review:I'd never had any driving experience before and was quite nervous before my lesson but Mike was really patient and put me at ease.
The lesson was a lot of fun and by the end i was driving around and felt very confident. I loved it and have already booked to have another lesson, i would definitely recomend it to anyone.
Review # 8
Name:Jack Harvey
Review:Had a fantastic time on the lesson, it went really well and helped me a lot with my driving!
The instructor, Mike, was brilliant too. Strongly recommend Drive at 15 to everyone!
Review # 9
Name:Colin Willoughby
Review:Took my son up for his first lesson in the snow before Christmas.

The private road is used by the army to teach soldiers to drive. This private road was laid out to be just like a normal road with road markings and junctions. My son has had no driving experience so was starting from scratch. By the end of his 1.5 hour lesson he was driving around with plenty of confidence and controlling the car well even in the snow. It is difficult to learn to drive in Britain and there are very few facilities for youngsters to learn the basics. Mike has done a great job and I will book him to take my son out in 2010 when he has reached his 17th birthday.
Review # 10
Name:Michael Allison
Review:Have just completed a couple of driving lessons with Mike and finished just before my 17th birthday.

A fantastic gift for doing well in my exams. Getting behind the wheel of a car, driving on private road, practising those gear changes, steering and brakeing in time at junctions.

A great experience, one which I will never forget.
Review # 11
Name:Becky McQuaid
Review:These lessons were very good, and one of the cheapest in the area. The instructors were very nice and understanding.

I learnt alot in my lessons and now feel very confident for when I go onto the road in a few weeks. I would definately recommend these lessons to anyone wishing to get the hang of driving before they reach 17.
Review # 12
Name:Laura Hockney
Review:That was so much fun, I really enjoyed my lesson and can't wait to go out again!
Review # 13
Name:Emily Woolnough
Review:Emily was quite nervous for her first drive, worrying about crashing! but had nothing to worry about as there was nothing to crash into! She came away with a big smile on her face and feeling more confidence for her next lesson. Thanks Mike