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Review # 1
Name:sebastian heynen
Review:Summer was approaching quickly and i needed a car license quickly before i would return to my home country. When i contacted select driving school they were very friendly and suggested which of their courses i should select in order to get me to the correct level to pass the test. I ended up taking the 8 day deleuxe course which i initially thought was expensive, however the quality of teaching as well as the experience made it well worthwhile. After all that is why i chose select driving school; being able to obtain my car drivers license 9 days after the first time i sat and drove in a car, which is what happened, is very astonishing and should portray the professionalism of select driving school, especially my instructor. To sum up the experience, the 4 hour daily lessons seemed to fly by because my instructor was very knowledgeable about cars on almost every level that we would have interesting conversations all the time while driving. My Instructor was also very patient with me, especially in the beginning where i had no clue how to drive a car, which was very helpful because nothing is worse than a nervous driver driver with a nervous instructor. Towards the very end of my course my Instructor would carefully listen to the few things i was not confident about while driving, so he consequently prioritized to my needs until i was fully confident with whatever i was apprehensive about (hill starts) The car itself was a fiat, it was very small but very practical. Most people want to learn in a nice car like a BMW which is larger, but i promise you, learning and taking your test in a small fiat will definitely increase you chances of passing the driving test as it is incredible easy to maneuver. All in all i was very pleased with select driving school, especially because i didnt take several weeks to obtain a drivers license, which is usually the case with most people. Also, most of my friends who learned to drive with other driving schools failed their driving test multiple times, wereas my friends and I who learned at select driving passed the first time! Very impressed, very pleased, I would definitely recommend select driving school to everyone!
Review # 2
Review:I failed a test 6 years ago and somehow never got back around to learning to drive, but Select Driving School were really helpful and professional and endlessly encouraging. There was no fuss or hassle at all. And I can't recommend my instructor David Brewer enough - he was patient, funny, kind and I really felt like he believed in me! I passed first time with him yesterday. So if you're thinking of learning to drive then GO FOR IT!
Review # 3
Review:Select driving school is the best driving school i came across whilst learning to drive. I had previously tried other intensive courses around the country and failed the test but select were very helpful and patient and under their tuition and guidance i then passed after just a few weeks. :-)
Phil (my instructor) was very professional and understanding and i felt comfortable during lessons even at first when i was slightly nervous of driving. Select is well worth the money as they do give 110 percent at all times to help you pass - I would definately recommend them!
Review # 4
Name:Mike Hale
Review:I only had a few weeks to pass my driving test and had only had a few lessons previously so i was very nervous about doing course. After looking online at different courses i found Select Intensive Driving School and decided they had very good reviews, and it was clear why they had such good reviews, Phil was always their to answer any questions I had and was very patient with me. I had Matt for my driving instructor and I was his first customer through Select, he is a great addition to Select and he was great at teaching me (and putting up with my frequent mistakes!) we got on great and I couldnít of asked for a better instructor.
I highly recommend you choose select if your planning on doing an intensive driving course.
Review # 5
Review:I recently passed my driving test with Select Driving School and it is the best feeling ever. I work as an actor and took my first driving test when I was 21 with a different instructor, but due to the nature of my work I couldn't just put in for a re-sit when I failed as I was always moving about. So there would always be long periods of time in between taking my tests. After several attempts i decided to take an intensive driving course. I went with Select Driving School and would definitely recommend them to anyone wishing to learn to drive. My instructor Alan was always with me 100% and didn't make me feel bad if i did something wrong. I could drive when i went to Select, but where I was going wrong was that I was always trying to drive 'by the book' and so never felt fully confident or in completely in control. What my instructor Alan got me to do, and I know this sounds obvious, was to drive like a driver. Not like someone who is taking a test. Of course I still had to drive to test standard, but I stopped making it so difficult for myself. He noticed little pointless things i was doing like looking in my mirrors every two second (because i was paranoid i would be marked down if i didn't), and trying to get my car an exact distance from the kerb when doing my maneuvers. I took the 5 day intensive course which suited my needs perfectly. Having the 4 hour daily tuition was fantastic. It is expensive but for me it was worth every penny, i have my license now and it's brilliant.
Review # 6
Review:After taking lessons about 10 years ago I had given up when I moved to London. I decided to take up lessons again and chose Select as I wanted to learn in a good sized new car (a very nice Ford Focus) but wanted an independent driving school rather than a larger organisation.

I was apprehensive about learning in around London but from the outset I was very much at ease with the instructor, Phil, who taught everything in a calm, encouraging manner. I was able to learn at my own pace with no pressure - at the same time I made significant progress every lesson and built confidence quickly.

Although my free time was limited I was usually able to get convenient lessons at weekends and evenings. If Phil was ever unavailable I had lessons with Bruce who was also a great instructor.

After a few months of weekly lessons I passed first time and am now happily driving every day. There are cheaper schools around but in terms of service, flexibility and individual attention I would definitely recommend Select.
Review # 7
Review:I couldn't recommend Select more.
Phil was very helpful on the phone while I was investigating which school to learn with. I hadn't driven for 10 years since I had a disaster on a driving test and was seriously put off driving. With Select I was made to feel at ease from the moment I met my wonderful instructor Elaine. She is absolutely brilliant, I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are based in London. After a mere 2 hours in the car, she had already boosted my confidence and was a brilliant teacher with incredible patience.
While the prices are slightly above average I'd say, it is 100% worth it. I passed my test yesterday first time and I'm thrilled.
Review # 8
Review:I passed my driving test at the end of March of this year and can only give my highest recommendation for Select Driving School. I'd learnt to drive when I was 17 but could not get on with my instructor and ended up stopping. I picked it up again at 23 and was so happy to find an instructor that made me feel comfortable and confident. My lessons were well structured and allowed me to progress at my own rate. My instructor was extremely professional in his attitude and he made it very easy to understand things that I had previously found difficult - maneuvres etc. He was patient and very friendly and easy going. He was very flexible with hours and always managed to fit me in when I needed a lesson - despite the fact that I couldn't do daytimes or weekends.

I would happily recommend Select Driving School to others (and I indeed already have!), especially those like me who were nervous and lacking in confidence - they really helped me to feel like i could do it and I passed on my second test.
Review # 9
Name:M Leaf
Review:Select was recommended to me by my younger brother, who passed first time with them. I had failed my test twice 13 years ago and lost my confidence and motivation after that. The initial information provided by Select was extremely clear and well set out. They were always courteous, attentive and helpful. I chose the intensive ten day Prestige course to keep my motivation high and allow myself to do pretty much nothing but drive for two weeks. I didnít have a car to practice on between lessons so really appreciated that intensity of tuition. My instructor, Brendon, was highly professional, always on time and really good company too (which matters when youíre driving for four hours a day!). He was very patient and always willing to explain things to me in different ways to find the way that made the most sense to me. I passed first time with Select and have booked Pass Plus with them too. I would highly recommend Select to anyone who wants to learn to drive, whatever your ability or past experience.
Review # 10
Name:Hollie Lill
Review:After learning with a local female instructor, i was ready to give up! Not only could I not even do the basics after over 50 lessons but I had picked up bad habits that were hard to shake off. It seemed I had regressed rather than progessed in my time learning to drive! After suffering 50 lessons of continuous shouting and relentless scrutuny,my nerves were causing major problems in all areas of driving, and my confidence was crushed!

Then cam Phil! Phil was my instructor from select driving school. At first I was a little hesitant about the seemingly high price per lesson.(However this was because I was used to paying a mere 14.50 with my previous instructor who was dramatically far from competent!)

My first lesson with Phil was a breath of fresh air. I had worked myself up and expected to get into my usual panicked, frenzied mess I was used to becomming while at the wheel! However we sat and discussed methods to ease my nerves and Phils patience and mannor made a huge difference in itself. The lessons were always to the highest level of proffesionalism whilst remarkably still comfortable and relaxed. I was never once shouted at throughout my entire course with select-(which was worlds apart from my previous instructor!) My confidence began to grow with each lesson and my nerves began to become a thing of the past. I have had experience with more than one select driving instructor. Mainly Phil, but on ocassions were Phil had a holiday e.t.c I had my lessons covered by a man named Bruce. Bruce was equally as helpfull, calming, polite and proffesional. This was great for me as I never had to miss a lesson due to the instructors commitments. The lessons were arranged around my somwhat busy schedule and on the odd ocassion were I had to cancel all was understood and and lesson was rebooked. After a nothing less than horrific year and a half with my previous instrcutor; I passed with Phil in just over 5 months- suprisingly-(for me!) becomming a confident and capable driver! Following passing, I did a pass plus course which I found to be value for money and extremly helpfull on the areas not covered in lessons; such as motorways. (I did pass plus in my own car-which was great experience.) In hindsight the seemingly high price tag was not as it seemed~the difference in service, knowledge, proffesionalism, reliablilty, and people skills became apparent when select was compared with my previous cheaper instructors! I guess you get what you pay for! Worth absolutely every penny! Definatly a cut above the rest. I could not recommend this school enough to anyone. If it wernt for Phil im sure I would of given up! Honetly if youre considering this school it really is the best of the best.

Thanks Phil, thanks Bruce- all the best.
(Will take you for a spin when I get that new sporty number!)

Thanks & regards
Hollie Lill
Review # 11
Review:I passed my driving test 1st time with Select Driving School.After starting and stopping with various driving schools,and attempting the practical test several times I thought it was over for me at my age.I contacted Select Driving school and attended their bronze intensive course.
After two and half days with my instructor, I passed my test on the 4th of July 2012.It has indeed been a great independence day for me.I must add that the instructor,Alan is simply the BEST,
Is simply the BEST.I like choice of test centre;Loughton.It covers the whole syllabus.I HIGHLY recommend Select Driing School without any reservations.
Review # 12
Review:I had done quite a few driving lessons with the AA before contacting Select, but I had been spending a lot of money and not improving very much. When I started studying for my A Levels, I took a step back from driving, but this summer thought that it would be great to pass my driving test before going off to university. I contacted Select and, even though I was asking for lessons really last minute and at one of the busiest times of year, Phil organised everything and within 2 weeks I was having intensive lessons every day and had a theory test booked. The standard of teaching was excellent and Phil managed to get me a practical test in early September even though all the test slots were booked up until late October. I passed first time and am so delighted that I can go to university with that under my belt. Phil was so helpful and I am so grateful to my instructor Sandy, who was a terrific teacher and a great person to have a chat with during our 4-hour lessons! Thank you!
Review # 13
Name:Ros Whiteman
Review:I have just passed on my first attempt a few days ago, and am over the moon! I have Select Driving School to thank for this, the company I learnt with. I'm 17 and as a young driver, I would definitely recommend Select to other young drivers, wanting to learn. Infact a couple of my friends have already started to learn with Select.
My instructor, Phil, has been friendly and reassuring throughtout. I felt at ease straight away on my first lesson. Importanty, I always felt safe as well. I My instructor challanged me, but I never once felt out of my depth. Another thing that I was really grateful for was that my instructor was reliable, and always showed up on time. It made the learn to drive alot easier, and stress free! Lessons were also felxible, and if I wanted to finish my lesson in a different location, Phil would do his best to make sure I could. At the end of each lesson, we would always talk about that day's lesson, and the things we should work on for next time. It made me feel that I was keeping track of my progress. Finally, though Select is more expensive than some other companies, I'm really glad that I learnt with them, because of the continous high standard of teaching. I'm not sure if I would have done as well with another company, so I recommend Select to anyone looking to leatn to drive! Thanks Select!

Review # 14
Name:Ann Patterson
Review:Six years ago I decided to learn to drive, I took twenty lessons I never got on the road. The instructor told me I would never make a driver. I gave up and threw my license away.

Last week I passed my driving test. I found Select Driving School through the internet. Phil promised if he thought I wouldn't make it, he would not waste my money.

By the second day I was on the road, by the fourth day I was full of confidence, and by the end of the week I loved driving.

I decided to try automatic and found it much easier.

As a testimonial to Phil and Select I would say, at over fifty, six months tuition and only my second test. What a marvelous result.

Review # 15
Review:I PASSED!!! The first time I used Select intensive driving school and after taking 3 tests previously over the past 12 years I was absolutely chuffed!
When I called to enquire about what course would be the best for me, I found Phil very friendly and knowledgeable and nothing was too much when I asked my questions and making payments.
Alan Melton was my instructor and he was fantastic! He really helped me to calm down, make me think about what I was doing and was very easy to have as a teacher - would recommend him and Select to anyone thinking about taking this route into driving (excuse the pun!) Brilliant - loved every second of it.. Thanks guys!!! :-D
Review # 16
Name:Stanley Ikwuagwu
I had never heard of an intensive driving course, so when I came across Select I was a bit skeptical, but after reading a few reviews decided to give them a chance. And I must say its the best decision I have ever made. First off, the service is brilliant. I had a million questions but Phil never ignored any of them or replied late, even when the questions were quite silly.
And when the practical lessons started, it was the same professionalism and great service that Alan Scammells, my instructor, used. He made everything so clear, made me feel so comfortable, took his time to ensure I understood what he was saying. He accommodated my ever changing schedule as work always made changes to my days, as usual. And of course we had a right laugh each day cause he made it fun to learn. And after only 3 lessons, I made him proud by passing my test!
I would recommend Select Driving School to everyone, cause the service you get is brilliant and the results speak for themselves.
Thank you Select Driving!!!
Review # 17
Name:Jusna Khanum
Review:I was quite hesitant at first as no one in my family has ever taken any intensive driving courses and the prices for me was at first daunting being an 18yr old student. The previous driving instructor was regrettably unreliable.
I needed to pass quickly, with select intensive driving course I was never let down, the service provided was excellent, and Phil answered every question and took notes for my requests he was very clear about the course and I remember spending at least 15-20mins on the phone as I am a very hesitant person and looked into this company with only the testimonies pushing me on.
After being sure and clear about my course I agreed to take on the prestige course 10 days (40hrs). I got an immediate email stating in detail the course I chose, what the fees are for, and instructors details. The instructor was exceedingly helpful, had many years of experiences, he knew exactly what he was doing and didnít waste any time, was never late or finish early, he literally was the perfect instructor.
After the two weeks course I had a test booked straight after and had only 4 minors but failed due to my own fault. I was then re-booked for another test after two -three weeks and past!
If you donít want to waste time and money and want to pass quickly and effectively go with select intensive driving THEY WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! Thank you Alan and Phil for helping me pass so quickly and for your excellent organisation on re-booking me quickly to pass, I can now drive to university 10 miles away and not carry ten books on me or think of taking loans to stay on campus! :) Thank You!!! Jusna Khanum
Review # 18
Name:Suroth Miah
Review:I recently passed my test having taken lessons with Select Driving school. I started taking lessons earlier this year at the grand age of 34. I was very apprehensive about getting into the driving seat of a car, but as soon as I spoke to my instrcutor for the first time, and then meeting him for the first lesson, I knew I had made the right choice. The instrcutor was very experienced, and was helpful, courteous and professional at all times. We devised a schedule that suited my needs. I have a young family, and having passed my driving test has made a world of difference to me. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
Review # 19
Name:David Haigh
Review:Passed first time with Select. Having failed my driving test a few times 9 years ago I was a little nervous when it came to booking an intensive course this time round but when I called Select Phil talked me through the options and really helped me and made me feel confident about booking. He was even able to book me a test within a few minutes. He also helped me work this course to my work schedule which was great.
I took my lessons in East London with Dave Brewer who was brilliant, he was so calming and patient and took me to passing my test after 7 days when others had failed after many more hours! Also he is great person to spend four hours a day in a car with. Massive thanks to Phil and Dave, a great learning experience. D
Review # 20
Name:kizzie payne
Review:my experience of learning to drive with Phil at select driving school was great. i was 30 years old when i took my first lesson and had never even turned the ignition of a car before that! i was quickly put at ease behind the wheel and felt that Phil was obviously very experienced at teaching people of all abilities. He was always very calm and never made me feel silly or embarrassed if i made a mistake.He was very thorough at explaining things to me and i always felt that he wouldn't push me too quickly into anything i may not feel ready to undertake. i was always able to work out convenient lesson times that catered for my schedule. After i phoned round for price quotes from select and other,cheaper driving schools, i decided to choose select because of Phil's professionalism and the time he took to talk to me on the phone when booking my lessons. I would certainly recommend Phil to anyone thinking of learning to drive. I'm so glad i did it and feel a confident and competent driver now.
Review # 21
Name:Keith Denton
Review:The service I recieved with 'select driving school' was second to none.I started a gold intensive course as a complete beginner,followed up with a bronze course and passed my test first time!! right from day one everything ran efficiently and completely professional,I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Review # 22
Name:Ruben Lorenzo Puga
Review:Select Driving School had exactly what I was looking for; knowledgeable, competent, friendly, encouraging and experienced instructors along with an array of intensive courses to suit any need.
I had to wait until they had availability for the intensive course I wanted, but it was worth it. I passed my test at the first time!. I really recommend Select Driving School as a place where you learn the skills you need to be confident the road and just not to pass the test. They are worth every penny.
Review # 23
Name:Emma Podmore
Review:Select have been 110% hands-on from the very first phone call I had with Phil. Discussing my requirements for learning to drive was like talking with an old friend, I ended my conversation that day enthused, excited and above all certain that Select would perform and to a high standard.
My (previously thought) unrealistic time-scale in which I needed to learn and pass was soon planned quickly and efficiently and made to measure. I was kept informed of every stage by phone and email, working closely to ensure all of my needs were met.
Within a day I was assigned my instructor, Victor, had an assessment lesson and went on to have what I believe to be exceptionally high standard, quality teaching for the rest of my Executive intensive course. Victor not only covered everything I needed to help me pass but also went beyond the call of duty by divulging informative tips and information that really gave the teaching a personal underpinning, making me feel relaxed and confident in my abilities.
Iíd like to thank Phil, Victor and everyone at Select for being an example of first class customer service with truly genuine, experienced instructors which not only helped me pass first time but with the confidence to continue to be a safer driver.
Review # 24
Name:Lisa Chaplin
Review:I passed my driving test today, this was my my final day of a six day course booked with Select Driving School. Phil my instructor was excellent and put me at ease from the very first day. I had failed three previous tests and from what I know now I had had some bad instruction. However with a clean sheet and six days of driving ahead of me I was a little nervous. The lessons were perfect and tailor made so I could drop the children all of at school and be collected from my home and returned before they all need picking up. Although the course was pricey than some other intensive courses it absolutely was worth every penny as great though was taken into the lesson content and management. Each day was around four hours with a break for a coffee or a snack and I learnt everything I needed to help me become confident enough to pass. I have four boys and an elderly gran who I look after and this will change my life. Thank you so much Phil and Select Driving School. I certainly recommend them to all at whatever stage of driving you are at there will be a course made perfectly for you.
Review # 25
Name:Ben S
Review:I have nothing but praise for Select Driving! The whole process was highly professional and very enjoyable. The booking process was swift and it was great to have Phil always willing to answer any queries. My instructor, Brenden, was fantastic. He was incredibly patient with me, always cheery and a real pleasure to spend so much time with. He was very thorough in getting my driving up to standard and was also very flexible if I needed to change my lesson times. Although my only experience was with this driving school, I know from talking to friends that the major difference of my experience was the personal attention that you get at this school. The instructors are hugley enthusiastic and really want to make you the best driver you can be. There is always someone to talk to, who knows your name, should you have an inquiry and driving out in Essex was the perfect place to learn. It is quiet and not intimidating for the novice, whilst also providing some ideal locations to practice the skills. I believe that the intensive course is the way to approach this test. It gets you up to speed in the smallest amount of time and ensures that you are constantly building on your skills. Although some may be put off by the price, itís like everything, you get what you pay for: a really top quality service.
Review # 26
Name:becky cousins
Review:I have recently passed with Select Driving School. I had regular lessons and managed to pass first time. Both Phil and Bruce were friendly and put me at ease straight away. I found that the lessons were easy to book, well planned and also enjoyable.
The lessons were well priced for the experiences you gain, i was relaxed and not at all nervous, like my previous experience.
The lessons are tailor made to fit the individualís needs which enables them to progress at their own pace.
I canít sing Select Driving Schools praises enough and I would immediately recommend them to anyone looking to take driving lessons.
I am now taking my Pass Plus with Select and canít wait to get going on my own.
Review # 27
Review:In terms of value for money, Select Driving School is definitely worth every single penny! Having put off driving lessons after a number of years, I was quite nervous and apprehensive about being on the road. However Phil soon put me at ease and I progressed at a steady speed that I felt comfortable with. After completing a platinum and ultimate course I have passed my test first time - something I could not have imagined 4 1/2 months ago when I began.

Both Phile and Bruce were friendly and patient and I felt immediately at ease in their knowledgeble and capable hands. Although there are cheaper driving schools out there, with Select, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be getting a friendly and sound reliable service, that your time and money are not going to be wasted and they will bend over backwards to fit you in!
Review # 28
Review:In just four days the Select Driving Instructor that I was a given got me to standard where I passed with just one minor... ONE MINOR!!! I can't believe it. Definitely go with select if you want the best instruction that money can buy
Review # 29
Name:Emmanuel Obiabo
Review:- Desperate times call for desperate measures and that is what led me to Select Driving School. I needed a driving license urgently for work and with the time swiftly ticking by, I went online. After hours of reading about various driving schools ĎSelectí stood apart for its consistently positive reviews.
- I called them with the available dates I could take from work, my contact details, previous driving experience and my requirements. I got the answer phone initially but then the response came within 24hours from Phil.
- He was friendly, professional and encouraging. He had done his research, discussed my requirements further and already had the name of my instructor when he called.
- An email was promptly sent out that day for me to complete with my driving history, experiences and contact details.
- I opted for the silver course. My instructor Bruce promptly contacted me before the sessions. He was friendly had clear goals for each session at greatly put me at ease.
- The lessons themselves were intense but excellent. Bruce was prompt and even early. The goals for each day were clearly stated and achieved. He was professional, reliable, offered clear instruction, and taught and encouraged appropriately.
- He broke down the manoeuvers to easily remembered segments. He even had a notebook of pictures and instructions. They were the appropriate toilet and lunch breaks and the lessons involve different driving conditions which gave me great confidence, e.g. town driving and country driving.
- All of this would mean nothing if I could not get a lesson in time and pass. It was here that Select Driving School really came through. We couldnít get a lesson immediately after my sessions, but we sat down with my Rota to see when I could be available for the practical test Phil pulled off the miracle! He even managed to get me a lesson in my own area, within 5 days of the sessions finishing. Bruce my instructor met me at 7am the morning of the test, took me through everything again and thankfully I passed.
- Overall, finding Select Driving School was a leap of faith into the dark, based on positive online internet reviews by others. I am very happy to add myself to this list and glad to do so! Give them a try and see for yourself, I certainly did! You will not be disappointed.

Review # 30
Name:Madeleine Bowden
Review:I scowered many sources for a professional, experienced, intesive course and i found it in Select Driving School.
My experience was professional, friendly, extremely thorough and above all fun!!!
i rang up with enquiries and every question and need was answered and met without hesitaion.
The day i asked for my practical test was arranged for me but i had to cancel and another one was arranged for me straight away within 2 days of the previous.
i chose the premium course as a novice with only a few hours of previous driving experience, the course consisted of 4 hours over 10 days, which, in my opinion, was absolutly ideal... not too much yet just enough.
i passed first time and couldn't be happier!!!
You may find some driving schools slightly cheaper but would be pushed to find any better! Worth every penny!
Thankyou Select!!!
Review # 31
Name:Ollie Rance
Review:I've got nothing but good things to say about my experience with Select Driving School. Having initially undertaken driving lessons when I was 17, I did a one-week intensive course after a gap of 11 years and passed first time. My instructor was patient, friendly and clearely very experienced and the whole process was unstressful and successful. They are the first to admit that they are not the cheapest driving school but I can vouch that you really do get what you pay for. A big thumbs up from me.