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Intensive Driving Courses And Crash Courses from Marco Polo Oxford Driving School. Let our driving instructors help you pass your driving test first time and in just 1 week.

Review # 1
Review:Marco is a dedicated, enthuastic and a brilliant teacher- with a great wealth of experience which he shares very freely.
He is truly motivational and puts the student and their learning objective above all else. He is keen to get all his students to pass first time and be happy and confident drivers.
I am very glad to have come across Marco - with him you cannot fail!
Review # 2
Name:Nik P
Review:Marco is a fantastic instructor. He is very thorough and incredibly patient. He'll not only make sure you can drive, but make sure you can drive safely! He always took the time to explain things very carefully and was very supportive.

He also was very flexible with my schedule which was very handy. Highly recommended!
Review # 3
Review:Marco was a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. I started my driving lessons with Marco around March and passed my test in 3 and half months first time with only 5 minor faults. Lessons were fun and with simple direction, I learned quickly and easily, with great confidence.
Review # 4
Review:Marco runs an excellent driving school. He is a tremendous instructor with a calm, reassuring instruction technique. He was very flexible in arranging lessons at the last minute, and has an in depth knowledge of the Oxford driving area. I passed with a clean sheet and have Marco to thank! I would highly recommend him.
Review # 5
Review:I would highly recommend Marco as a driving instructor. He is so professional, very patient and helpful. The lessons were fun, enjoyable and stress free. I progressed loads and learnt something new each lesson. I really appreciate Marco's help. Marco Polo Driving school is asset for Oxford's community. You will not just pass Your exam, but also You will be able to learn how to stay safe and confident on the road.
Thank you! Would definitely recommend!
Review # 6
Name:Marta K
Review:Marco is an amazing instructor, calm,.patient gets to know you personally so he can deliver a great service according to your needs! Made driving fun for me, I was initially rather nervous but he just put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable with every skill before moving to anything new.
He is a great teacher, I will always be grateful to him for doing such a good job at making me into a safe confident driver!
Highly recommend!
Review # 7
Review:Marco is a wonderful instructor, patient and encouraging and it really helped me with my confidence and driving skills. I passed my test with only 3 faults!
Review # 8
Review:After a bad experience with a driving instructor some years ago, I was very hesitant in choosing an instructor. However, I'm glad I discovered Marco. He was extremely patient and allowed the lessons to proceed at a pace I was comfortable with. He was very attentive identifying weaknesses to focus on in the next lesson and very focused on teaching how to drive well and safely, but at the same time making the lessons enjoyable.
Review # 9
Name:Dr J
Review:Marco has been an excellent instructor; patient, good fun and excellent at explaining the rules of the road. With him, I successfully achieved my license within only a few weeks (passing 1st time with only three minors no less!).

In addition to this, he knows the test routes extremely well and ensures considerable practice of each of the main components of the routes. He also provides access to a range of useful internet links including a prodigious database of theory questions, hazard perception, detailed pictures of the main roundabouts, correspondence about test criteria from the chief driving officer and excellent mock tests. The car is a wonderful vehicle to learn in being tolerant of mistakes and nice to drive.

In short, Marco Polo driving school comes highly recommended both Marco himself and the extremely helpful office staff. So go explore driving!
Review # 10
Name:Simon Howells
Review:I chose Marco Polo as they were a company able to arrange lessons around my slightly erratic working schedule in Oxford and it has proved to be an excellent decision. The patient, focussed and knowledgeable tuition that I received helped me to go from an absolute beginner to passing my test first time in under 6 months. I wouldn't hesitate to fully recommend the company to anyone who wants to get the best out of their learning experience.
Review # 11
Review:I have tried to pass the driving test for the past one and half year before Marco took me over, he is an amazing instructor immediately pointed out my bad habits nd weaknesses, only 2 and half months later, on 1st Nov, I passed my driving test with only two minor errors, unbelievable!!! Best driving instructor ever, huge fun and most importantly, he vl let u enjoying the driving along with being confident and safe!!!
Review # 12
Name:Joe Loxton
Review:Marco is a superb instructor. Even after 6 monthes of lessons I thought I'd never pass my test, but he kept encouraging me and getting me to practice bits I was doing wrong. And I passed first time! With only two minors!
Thank you Marco!
Review # 13
Review:Marco is an amazing teacher!! I have recommended him to all my friends and family. In fact it would appear he is somewhat of a legend in the oxford medical school! He is a patient teacher, his lessons are interesting, he keeps you calm, he is always focused on everything you are doing so that every lesson you feel you have massively improved and he has good chat! I had a very short time to learn, and a big gap between my lessons, as well as a difficult timetable (often at short notice) whenever I was actually in oxford and yet marco accommodated for all these difficulties. I was able to pass first time (with only four faults) and my success is entirely due to Marco, as I was only taught by him. But more importantly (for my nervous parents and the people who have to share a road with me) I have become a good, safe driver! Although passing first time is an added bonus! Thank you so much Marco!!
Review # 14
Name:Emily Reeves
Review:Marco was a fantastic driving instructor - always very calm, patient and friendly. He was very thorough and reliable in his teaching, making sure that you knew everything you needed to be a safe and competent driver. He gives you lots of good techniques and rules for doing manoeuvres and general driving, so that you can apply them to any situation. I genuinely felt that developing me into a confident and safe driver was what was important to him, and because of him I passed my test first time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive.
Review # 15
Review:I took my Pass Plus Course with Marco Polo. Not only did the course give me more confidence on the road, it also lowered my insurance premium. Marco is such a patient and calm person, he made the course fun. He gave me some great tips that I had never heard before.
I was so glad I chose Marco Polo!!
Review # 16
Name:Laura Lynch
Review:Having failed to achieve a pass many years ago after many lessons with a different instructor I finally returned to attempt once more a month ago. From the off Marco built my confidence, which had been knocked by my previous fails. He was methodical and professional in his approach, but more than this he was fun and a pleasure to drive with. He not only achieved what I believed to be the impossible (getting me to pass with NO minors) but also really made me enjoy driving. And if the result doesn't speak enough for its self I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wishes not only to pass their test but wants to feel a confident and safe driver after doing so.
Review # 17
Name:Francesca Heartfield
Review:I took an intensive course with Marco in the hope of passing my test within a short period of time- the best decision I could have made.
I passed after only three weeks of lessons! I really enjoyed them, Marco always made them fun and relaxing and by the time I had passed, though I had only been driving for three weeks, I felt really confident.
I could not recommend Marco more highly.
Review # 18
Name:Hannah Ibison
Review:Marco was an excellent driving instructor!! He was incredibly patient and had a fantastic way of explaining the more complicated Oxford roundabouts. As a result of his excellent tuition I enjoy driving and feel confident on the road.
Review # 19
Name:Chloe Webster
Review:I feel really lucky to have been taught by Marco, he was always patient and made learning fun and straightforward! I have now passed and feel safe. I would recommend him to anyone - especially nervous drivers looking to gain confidence.
Review # 20
Name:James Marsh
Review:I learnt to drive with Marco after a recommendation from a friend and am very glad I did.
Marco is a thorough, patient and calm instructor who knows exactly what is required to pass the driving test. Hes also a very nice guy with a great sense of humour. My lessons with him were never boring as he always ensured we covered a range of manoeuvres/skills each time.
I would highly recommend Marco to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

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