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Submited ByDes King
Added OnSat_Jan__3__2009
DKL Driving School, Driving Lessons in South, East and West Belfast. Friendly Patient instructor

Review # 1
Name:D Zhang
Review:Having learned driving for nearly two years from time to time, I didnít go for him at first thought as my previous instructor told me I was nearly ready to take the road test. I am not someone changeable. But as soon as I went for him, I regretted so much why I hadnít met him earlier. Nobody can never be attracted by his charming personality. Not only an excellent and hard-working instructor, an intelligent and experienced professional, an honest man with a sense of humor, but also someone patient and reliable. Punctual for his lessons and very skilful at teaching details, he always gives you confidence in learning driving. No wonder I passed my driving test in the first and only attempt. Feel so lucky that he has become part of my life and a great honor that he treats me as a close friend. Many thanks, Des! And good luck with you, DKL!

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