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Learn to drive in Swansea or Llanelli South Wales with the Edwards School of Motoring. Helping people to achieve their ambition of freedom and independence with a career of safe driving for life.

Review # 1
Review:This is a testimonial to the high standards I am receiving from Richard Edwards from Edwards School of Motoring.

I am currently learning to drive with the assistance of Richard.

He is highly professional, friendly, prompt and understanding.

Richard teaches in a relaxed manner at a speed you feel comfortable with, and although there is an lesson objective, its more of a direction rather than a 'must' achieve this in this lesson.

Richard allows you to make mistakes, and instead of shouting or becoming agitated, he explains how the mistake happened, why it happened and how to put it right. Even when you make the same mistake again, he calmly explains again using slightly different wording and real life comparisons.

His car is always clean, both externally and internally and is clutter free.

Richards website is well laid out and very informative. I found full contact details and the pricing information extremely helpful.

Richard treats you as an individual, rather than another person learning to drive. Learning to drive with him feels like your the only one who is important.

The lessons go at the speed I feel comfortable with rather than what 'must' be achieved in a lesson.

I find the hand outs at the end of the lesson useful as it backs up what you learn on the lesson.

The lessons are well thought out, from what your going to be doing, to where you are going to be doing it. The lessons flow from one skill one into the next, picking up on what you know and enhancing it to include more maneuvers.

If your feeling worried, nervous or anxious about learning to drive then i would definitely recommend Richard.

I found Richards flexibility to fit the lessons around my own free time a great help.

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of learning to drive to learn with Richard.

James, (25) Swansea, South Wales.

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