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Submited ByKate Andrews
Added OnFri_May__4__2007
Want to learn to drive in Trowbridge, Frome, Bradford On Avon, Westbury, Melksham, Warminster? Give Kate Andrews, an approved driving instructor a call now.

Review # 1
Review:Passed 1st time with kate yesterday SHE IS AMAZING would recommend to anyone its like hanging out with your friend who is teaching you to drive always look forward to a lesson with kate A**** rated in my books THANKS AGAIN KATE !!!!! x
Review # 2
Name:Kat Hoskin
Review:Kate is the best! I have always been very nervous about driving but she has helped build my confidence and i have just passed my test! I enjoyed every one of my lessons! Even when horrible, arrogant van drivers tried to ruin it for me! I will definitely be doing pass plus with her. Thanks for everything Kate you are a star! xxxx
Review # 3
Review:After having a good share of Instructors Kate has been the Best, she has a natural ability to teach with patience, consideration, friendliness and understanding. I was even allowed to bring my toddler with me which made life much easier! Thanks to Kate for giving me driving confidence and a driving liscence! I passed first time. Would continue to recommend her. A*
Review # 4
Review:Kate's a great instructor!
Review # 5
Name:Danielle Boorer
Review:past first time with kate, she is a lovely person who gives loads of confidence. i would recommend her to anyone.

thanks kate
c u soon

Review # 6
Name:Kate Law
Review:Kate was wonderful. She's very patient and is a great teacher, I passed first time. I would certainly recomend her.
Review # 7
Review:i may not of passed first time but kate helped pass as she makes you feel relaxed and does not shout at you for making a mistake or havin an 'off day' which is good, she also give out useful tips to help you relax before taking a driving test.
Review # 8
Name:Amy Maggs
Review:I highly recommend Kate to anybody wishing to learn to drive. Shes a great instructor and really boosted my confidence on the road.
Review # 9
Name:Craig MArsh
Review:Absolutly brilliant driving instructor!
I passed within 10 lessons on my First attempt.
I have recomened her to loads of my friends and if i decided to do pass plus i will do it with k8.

Thanks k8
Review # 10
Name:Latasha Sims
Review:K8 is a great driving instructor!
I passed 1st time with only 2 minors!
She made my lessons really enjoyable
definately money well spent
thanks K8! xxx
Review # 11
Name:Becky Marsh
Review:I would(and will)highly recomend Kate to anyone wanting to learn to drive in the area.
She is a great confidence giver,she made learning fun,which I NEVER thought would be possible!
Ive just passed my test...and im going to miss my lessons!
In the 6 months of learning I don't think i had a lesson that i didn't enjoy.
Thanx tons K8...See you for the Pass Plus!!
Review # 12
Name:Tahlia Ransome
Review:I passed 1st time thanks to Kate:) Kate made me feel very relaxed while learning to drive and is a very nice and friendly person. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Review # 13
Review:Passed first time, Kate is a great instructor, patient and understanding. Really good value for money because you will almost certainly pass first time around! Would recommend her to anybody wanting to learn how to drive.
Review # 14
Name:Jodie Bodman
Review:I hav already recommened k8 2 my friends and i only passed this morning! The lessons were up to me quite a lot of the time of what i wanted 2 do or work on which was a great help. K8 is so friendly and patient and such a great teacher. Im gunna miss my lessons!
K8 made me feel confident about my test and it really helped as i passed 1st time round with 4 minors :D :D
Im def gunna do pass plus with her hopefully! Thanks K8! xxxx
Review # 15
Review:Very professional driving instructor and natural teaching ability will definitely recommend to other people. 😀
Review # 16
Name:Hannah Turtell
Review:I seriously cannot fault Kate, she is the BEST driving instructor. When she was ill i moved to mini mission and my driving went completely down hill, when she was back on the road i went back with her, and my driving improved...dramatically. When it was time for my test i was convinced i was going to fail on my left reverse but Kate was certain i'd pass. And thanks to her amaaaaazing teaching i passed first time with 6 minors. I would reccomend her to absolutely anyone. Thanks Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Review # 17
Name:emma c
kate is friendly very understanding reliable and a great instructor i passed first time gave me load of confidence thanks kate
very recommened !!
Review # 18
Name:paul mills
Review:K8 was brilliant!!! I passed my test first time due to her well structured learning process. She is cool, calm and collected whilst teaching, which really helps to take away the stress of learning. Just like anyone who has been taught by her, i would reccomend her to anyone. cheers K8 :-)
Review # 19
Review:Learning with Kate gave me confidence to be on the road. She was very patient and understanding enabling me to learn at my own pace and in a relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend her to anyone, she was fantastic.
Review # 20
Review:Kate is a very patient, friendly and kind driving instructor. She talks you through everything clearly and makes sure your understand what you have to do.
Very easy to get along with, she's a lovely person.
I have already recommended Kate to others, and would for anybody wishing to learn to drive. :-) x x
Review # 21
Review:After several years of driving lessons, tests and instructors, I have passed with Kate. She is by far the best instructor I have had and I highly recommend her to anyone. I was a very nervous driver but Kate's patient and friendly approach gave me the confidence in myself to pass the test and to finally enjoy driving! I wish I had learned with her from the start.
Review # 22
Name:hayley digby
Review:Well what can i say, Kate is fantastic. She really gave me confidence behind the wheel, she is friendly, helpful, considerate and patient. She made me feel relaxed and helped me pass first time!

Highly recommended, Thanks K8! :)
Review # 23
Review:Kate is a very patient, friendly and kind driving instructor. She talks you through everything clearly and makes sure your understand what you have to do.
I would advise anyone to have Kate as a driving instructor because she's fantastic and without her I wouldn't of passed my driving test.
Review # 24
Name:Alice Keegan
Review:i passed first time with kate. She's a really friendly driving instructor, and makes you feel relaxed on the road! I'd definately recommend her to anyone.
Review # 25
Name:tash laye
Review:k8 is awesome. everyone should drive with her. she let me beep at bad drivers! woop! oh, and i passed with flying colours. :)
Review # 26
Name:Nicholas Brown
Review:Kate was really positive after I failed my first test, She did not pressurise me to book loads more lessons and consequentally I passed second time with flying colours. I would recommend her to anyone.
Review # 27
Name:Shelley Hitchcock
Review:Kate is a fantastic driving instructor! The first time I got behind the wheel she made me feel relaxed. Her patience and calm personality means her teaching is amazing!

Would wholly recommend her to anyone whose needs a little confident boost.

Thanks Kate you're fab!
Review # 28
Name:anthony Lau
Review:Very friendly, very patient, highly recommended!
Review # 29
Review:I passed first time with Kate in just under five months! She helped me pass my theory within a month of being 17 and prepared me fully for the driving test. Kate's constant tips have made driving (after passing) a breeze also - I would recommend Kate to anyone!
Review # 30
Name:Lydia Brewer
Review:I actually passed my test with Kate 18 months ago on second test attempt. I can't recommend her enough - she was very patient,explained things so well & just an amazing teacher. Me being able to drive has made such a difference to our family & I have Kate to thank for that!
Review # 31
Name:Gaynor Kenyon
Review:I was very nervous about getting into a car and felt like I had no confidence to become a driver. However, when I met Kate, I can honestly say that my confidence had grown immensely within a couple of lessons. Kate's manner is very patient yet very thorough and I found the break down of feedback very useful. I was learning with Kate for around 5 months and passed on my first test. This is something i thought wouldn't happen. I felt comfortable and happy with kate and am now enjoying the benefits of being a full driver!!! I would fully recommend her to anyone!!
Review # 32
Name:Amy Coward
Review:I got on very well with Kate.
She was very patient and explained things clearly to me.
And I passed first time!
Overall i found her a very good driving instructor.
Review # 33
Review:I've recently passed my driving test first time, after having learnt with Kate. Kate really put me at ease, was patient, friendly and very knowledgable. I've had a few different instructors, and Kate was by far the best. I'd highly recommend Kate to anyone wanting to learn to drive! Thanks Kate x
Review # 34
Review:K8's a gr8 instructor. Very Patient & highly recommended. I passed 1st time all thanks to her & am now loving my independance on the road.
Review # 35
Review:I passed 1st time with Kate, she is a great driving instructor, I'd recommend her to everyone!
Review # 36
Name:Sophia Sim
Review:Kate was so very helpful and made me feel at ease straight away by her friendly attitude and ability to answer any concerns i had. The lessons were customised for me and in months i passed my driving test first time.
Review # 37
Name:kaile timbrell
Review:kate was fantastic! i had seen my brother have 3 car accidents in 3 years so i was very nervous about learning to drive. but kate got rid of the nervs, and i had so much fun when i was learning. i past the theory with %100 and i past my driving test first time. all thanks to kate, she was patiant and a great teacher. thanks again kate
Review # 38
Name:laura brixton
Review:I passed 1st time with kate only 2 minors which i was so pleased about!. I really enjoyed the lessons i had with kate and she's defently a brillant instructor. i recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive thanks again kate x x x
Review # 39
Name:Kerri y
Review:Passed nearly a year ago. One minor 1st time. She will put you at ease straight away. Honest. Makes you feel ready for new challenges she sets. Couldn't have dreamt for a better teacher.
Review # 40
Name:hannah patterson
Review:I passed 1st time with K8!! She's gr8!!
She made me feel really comfortable driving and i recommend her. She made learning to drive fun!! Thank you K8!!!
Review # 41
Review:Im glad i chose to have kate as my driving instructor, i felt she was very patient and was good at helping get out of my bad habits. I passed first time with kate and i would highly recommend kate to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

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