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Automatic Driving School in Blackpool by the Sea 121 Tuition only. No Car Sharing, Female Instructor High Pass Rate. From £18 per hour

Review # 1
Name:Celia Leigh
Review:With many thanks to Helen I passed my test today (27/6/08) after a 4 day course. Helen is an excellent tutor, very patient, friendly & with a great sense of humour. She offers 1 to 1 tuition only - be careful many intensive courses are car share (half the driving time). Helen isn't interested in taking your money & running, she genuinely cares & wants you to pass. She covers all aspects of driving - not just whats needed to pass the test. The accommodation provided was at the Beaucliff Hotel - Excellent Room & Fantastic Food. So if your thinking of an intensive course I can't recommend Helen enough! Thanks again Helen :)
Review # 2
Name:Nicole Burrowes
Review:I totally recommend this driving. I had problems learning to drive until I had a four day course at this driving school. Helen helped me to overcome my difficulties and at the end of the week I passed my driving test! Helen and her partner are both very hospitable and ensure that you are well fed and feel at home through out your stay.
Id liked to say a big thank to them for helping me to get my driving Licence
Review # 3
Name:Ann Summers
Review:Thanks thanks a million 5 minor and i nearly kissed the examiner. Lovely hotel and food Best in the North West your school. Good Luck. Ann
Review # 4
Name:Jason tomplin
Review:Great lady food smashing Room Great tuition i passed first time and i am only 18
Review # 5
Name:Paul Upton
Review:Thanks Helen Great Instructor Great Car excellent Food Supreme tuition Paul
Review # 6
Name:Dennis Demitrious
Review:Helens School in Blackpool is witrh out doubt the Best in the Northwest . Reason . Excellent Tuition by a quailfied grade 5 Tutor ,Helen is a born teacher with a Phd in Education Managment so you can be sure of the quality of Tuition . Anthony her partner is a skilful Chef . Thanks Helen for my Liscence .
Review # 7
Name:Julia Roberts
Review:Wonderfulpatient Instructor .Has a PHD too .Lovely sence of humour .Good Local Prices Julia
Review # 8
Name:Mita Solanki
Review:We have no hesitation to recommend Helen as we went as a group form our work force Anthony Ayoola went first and pass his test on the 7 of February, Juleka passed the 15, Ann Marie Cope the 20 and me Mita Solanki the 27 of February. Helen has a great sense of humour, but as she says she will make you do your home work. Any way thank you Helen.

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